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Baguette (whole grain) smos cheese  5,50
Baguette (whole grain) smos ham  5,50
Baguette (whole grain) smos cheese and ham  6,50
cheese ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg, mayonnaise
Baguette (whole grain) brie and walnuts  7,50
Baguette (whole grain) tomato, mozzarella and pesto  7,50
Panini pesto, chorizo, mozzarella and aragula  9,50
Panini philadelphia, serrano, sundried tomatoes  9,50
Panini Taleggio cheese, pear and almond flakes  9,50
Panini smoked salmon, red onion, horseradish  9,50

» Our croques are served with vegetable garnish
Croque monsieur  7,50
Croque madame  8,50
Croque Hawaï  8,50
Croque bolognaise  10,00
Croque vidé  10,00
Croque ‘Ingredi’ vegetarian  8,50
goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, raisins, sweet compote of tomato
Croque ‘on the run’  5,00


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Our brasserie is open daily from 9 am.
Before 9 you can reserve a breakfast.
By clicking on the button below the online booker will open.
Please be aware that our kitchen opens at 11.30.


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